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CollecOnline is a website for collection management. If you collect Coins, Stamps, Banknotes or Antiquities, CollecOnline is just what you need! It allows you to manage, sort and share your collections with friends, family or the whole planet in a simple and intuitive way.
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Search in shared collectors' objects.


All collectors are welcome! Whatever the object of your collection, it will find it’s place on CollecOnline.


Thanks to the expertise of the latest Web technologies, this website and all its features are completely free of charge!


You can share your objects with your circle of friends or the whole world and interact with other collectors.


Your practical information (invoices, prices, valuations, etc.) are stored in a private and secure space.


A complete and relevant tree view to classify your collection. It’s evolutionary and will adapt itself to your collections on request.


The site is anonymous and the subscription only requires an e-mail address. You are completely in control of the content you wish to share (or not to share).


Consult your objects whenever you want, wherever you want, by connecting to the site and its contents on your smartphone, tablet or computer.


Your collections can be converted into PDF or Excel documents in order to be printed or stored on your computer.

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