New Features : Like, Awards, Extract, News Feed & Dashboard


Dear Community,

Some more new features released this week! We have just introduced CollecOnline Classic and Premium (details of these services in this article) yet many new and useful features to help you manage your collection are still coming in for free. In addition to the advanced features, we continue to developp free upgrades and functionalities in order to make your experience always more enjoyable.


Introducing a “Like” button

We are pleased to announce the release of a much-anticipated feature, the famous "Like" button!



As collectors we love to share our treasures and discoveries, because we preserve a piece of history in a form of an object that fascinates us but also because sharing is caring and we all are nice people around here. Pressing "Like" on an object is a great way to congratulate its collector, keep track of a beautiful artefact or an interesting discovery, and also bookmark it to save all liked object in Favorites.


The Awards

In order to show appreciation, encourage participation, reward active members and -of course- simply fun, you can find a few awards to unlock on your profile page. Apart from the Pioneers badge, which grants certain privileges to our oldest and most loyal users, the other badges are only of honorary, fun and decorative value! These will all be available in 3 colors (bronze, silver and gold) depending on the achievement.



The Pioneer Award

Unique trophy awarded to the first members of CollecOnline


The Sharing Award

Trophy awarded to members who have developed their CollecOnline network

Bronze: More than 5 relations

Silver  More than 25 relations

Gold: More than 50 relations


The Archivist Award

Trophy awarded to members who have published the most items in confidentiality Public

Bronze: More than 10 objets

Silver: More than 100 objets

Or: More than 1 000 objets 


The Scribe Award

Badge awarded to members who have left the most comments on objects or collections

Bronze: More than 10 comments

Silver: More than 100 comments

Gold: More than 200 comments 


The Editor Award

Trophy awarded to members who have published the most articles on their CollecOnline Blog

Bronze: First article

Silver: More than 10 articles

Gold: More than 25 articles 


The Exhibitor Award

Trophy awarded to members whose objects and collections have received the most visitors

Bronze: More than 1 000 visites

Silver: More than 10 000 visites

Gold: More than 100 000 visites 


The Approval Award

Trophy awarded to members who have received the most "Like" mentions on their objects.

Bronze: 10 Likes received

Silver: 100 Likes received

Gold: 1 000 Likes received 


Extract Your Collection


The export functionality of your collections has been improved. You can now:

  • Choose between an Excel or CSV format
  • Choose to export a single collection or all your collections
  • Choose which fields will be exported


The News Feed


Even if at first glance nothing changes on your news wall, its operation has been completely revised to allow you to follow the activity of your network even more easily!

Everything happens at the level of the "News: All" button on the top right of your wall.

You can now choose to filter precisely the events displayed on your wall that we have segmented into 3 types:

  • Events in your network: new object, new collection, new relation
  • Your notifications: a comment received, a new "Like" on your items, a request for connection
  • Your actions: find easily your last actions whether it is an object creation, a comment left or a mention I like given


    Multilingual Blog


    You most likely noticed the Blogs tab on your left-hand menu allowing you to view CollecOnline's articles, but also to write and publish your own articles.

    You now have the possibility to add translations to your articles in the 6 languages already available on the platform, namely: French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.



    Public Profile


    At the bottom of your profile you can now find a graph showing the distribution of your objects by category. Here is the opportunity to discover your collection in a new light!




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