About CollecOnline

Created in late 2014, CollecOnline aims to make life easier for collectors. It provides solutions to the main problems that a collector may encounter, i.e. "How to manage my collection", "Who to show it to", "Find and follow people who collect the same things as I do" ... More than a collection management website, CollecOnline allows you to finally bring your collections out of your drawers and present them to the world.

CollecOnline is a social network

It allows you to track the progress of your friends’ or favorite collections. It will enable you to find other people who share the same passion or even to promote unknown or unusual collections.

CollecOnline is a digital safe

Your data is hosted in Windows Azure which guarantees its continuity over time. Think about it, if you use a software installed on your computer, hard drive failure, theft, fire, and it is all your digital collection that disappears. CollecOnline is also a private area that allows you to store private information such as price and date of purchase, bills, …

CollecOnline is a search engine

It will allow you to easily retrieve your objects stored in our data base.

CollecOnline is a database

It may, for example, enable you to identify all the objects in a given collection domain. For example, a user group has already created an account entitled "Fakecoins", which aims to identify a maximum of Roman counterfeit coins.

CollecOnline is mobile

You can access all of your objects from your smartphone or tablet. No more risk of buying a double at a sale or an antiques fair.

CollecOnline is a collaborative platform

The classification trees evolve according to your needs. At the time of this writing, we have already identified more than 4,000 categories where you may associate your objects with more than 2,000 characteristics.

CollecOnline is multi-collection

Whether you are a collector of coins, stamps, banknotes, medals, postcards, militaria and antiques, you will find a place for your items (otherwise, contact us!)

The Team



Having almost literally fallen into a pot of coins when he was little, Loïc has been collecting Roman coins for almost 15 years. After almost losing hope of managing to store his collection in real life (his Achilles heel, storage!), he thought "Why not just do it on a website, it will be easier!" Thus the idea was born. Loïc is a professional computer engineer whose job is to create and support websites and software.




Julien is also a computer engineer, a .Net specialist. He came to help Loïc who had his passion and a picture in his mind but lacked the technical expertise to make his dream come true. In May 2012 the pair was formed and Julien became the architect and builder of the team.