About CollecOnline

1. Our mission

CollecOnline is a digital solution for Art and Collection Management. Our platform enables collectors to list and organize all the information about their collectibles (pictures, descriptions, purchasing info, certificates...).

Once you have digitized your collection, you can access several features allowing you to manage, appreciate, and protect your valuables.

Our service fits all kinds of collections. You can be an art collector, a numismatist, a fossil enthusiast, a mineral collector, or enthusiast about old cars, your objects will find their place on CollecOnline.

2. Showcase your collection

Once you will be done with classifying your collectibles, adding pictures, characteristics and other information, you will love to contemplate and re-discover your online gallery on CollecOnline.

It will be accessible from your laptop, mobile phone or tablet. Quite convenient when you are out in a flea market, garage sales, thrift shop, fair or auction!

If you like the good old paper and pen, you can easily print out catalogs of your collection to keep with you and enjoy sharing with other collectors and connoisseurs.

3. Control the confidentiality of your collectibles

You can adjust the confidentiality of your collectibles as you please.

Either share your collection with the world or keep it private, or choose to show it exclusively to your connections.

As on a social network, your connections and followers will receive notifications on their wall about your new acquisitions if you chose to display them publicly.

4. Protect your valuables

It might be odd to assume that listing your collectibles online would make them safer. However, not doing so can have unpleasant consequences in your daily life. Fire, burglary, inheritance, divorce, tax declaration, counterfeit... In such situations you must be able to provide a precise inventory of your belongings.

For instance, in the -not so unusual- case of a burglary, it is necessary to swiftly provide all information available to the police in order to facilitate the investigation and make sure that your collectibles are returned to you once they are found. It is also crucial to have the ability to make your collection public in a few clicks so it can be shared with your connections, on forums, social networks... In such situation, it is important to act fast before your collectibles are sold on various channels. You can also count on the solidarity of fellow collectors who will relay the information and be vigilant when relatable items appear on the market.

For further safety, we offer a 'Digital Safe' feature for your valuables. Our service enables you to track and save all your valuables' information, characteristics and documents in a unalterable and universal secured archive. This archive will be an undisputable proof to provide to any interlocutor (insurance, lawyer, notary, police...).

You can find more information about this service on the following page: Digital safebox.

5. Manage your network

On CollecOnline, you can add Connections to your network in order to follow their activity on your news feed. You can set the level of confidentiality of your collections and objects in order to share them with your connections only if you don't want to make them public.

Our solution gives you access to many features that enable you to chat privately with other collectors, comment collectibles and public collections, or communicate about events and findings thanks to your personal blog.

You can also help or ask for help in order to identify a collectible, appraise an object, offer some to trade, or announce that you are searching for one specific artefact to complete your collection.

6. Build a precise inventory of your collectibles

Each collectible shall find its place in our database. We want to work in collaboration with each expert and specialist, in order to build a classification tree as precise as possible. CollecOnline offers one of the most complete arborescence available online. You can already find 15,000 categories and characteristics on 5 level of classification, available in 6 languages. This classification is built by collectors, for collectors. If your thematic needs further development, please reach out to us. Once it is categorized, you will easily find your collectible through your collection portal or using our search engine.

7. Start your group

Besides managing private collections, you can also join or create a group on CollecOline.

A group enables you to gather and/or join other collectors around a community, in order to exchange about various art and collection-related topics. Associations, specialized databases, museum or scientific collections ? You can have your own space on CollecOnline.

There are already various roles within a group:

  • Administrators: have all powers to manage the group (members' permissions, publishing articles on the blog, creating collections and objects...).
  • Contributors: can add collections and objects to the group
  • Members: can follow the group on their news feed, read the articles and see the collections and objects protected by "Members" confidentiality.
  • Followers: can follow the group on their news feed and see only the collections see items shared by the group on its wall.

For example, we host the project of a dozen experts in Gallic coins who started a database in order to set a reference in this field. Also, the Banque de France banknotes database, managed by a collector, already counts more than 1,000 historical banknotes with description, pictures and price estimation.

Once your group created, you are able to publish articles in your personal blog, and followers can suscribe to your group in order to be notified in their news feed..

You can find more information about this topic on the following page: Network and groups.

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