Karl XI of Sweden - 1/3 Thaler 1674 Pomerania, Swedish Dominion

Country: Swedish dominion of Pomerania
(German states) King: Karl XI of Sweden.
Type: Standard circulation coin
Years: 1674 DS (1674-1675)
Value: 1/3 Taler (1/3)
Currency: Thaler (1630-1815)
Composition: Silver
Weight: 9.4 g.
Diameter: 30 mm
Grade: VF35-VF20
Shape: Round
Demonetized: Yes
References: KM# 263, Ahlström# 129

Laureate draped bust with hair locks and shoulder armor, initials below.

Helmeted and crowned arms, helmeted supporters to the sides

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20 Nov 2019
KM# 262
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