302/1. Flaminia - denarius (109-108 BC)

AR Denarius (Rome, c.109-108 BC)

O/ Helmeted head of Roma right; X behind; ROMA behind.

R/ Victory in prancing biga right, holding reins and wreath; L FLAMINI below; CILO in exergue.

3.87g; 20mm.

Crawford 302/1 (527 obverse dies/659 reverse dies)

- Naville Numismatics Live Auction 47, lot 373.

Lucius Flaminius Chilo:

Chilo (here spelt Cilo) belonged to the plebeian gens Flaminia.  His life is completely unknown; he nonetheless minted one of the most common denarii of the Republic. He might have been the grandfather of Lucius Flaminius Chilo, moneyer in c.43 BC (RRC 485).

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