Crawford 326/1 C.Fvndan Q (C. Fundanius), Denar, 101 BC

C. Fundanius Denarius

Rome, 101 BC

Avers: Head of Roma with winged helmet, behind A

Revers: Marius with cepter abd laurel wreath in triumphial quadriga, ont the forst horse rider with laurel wreath, above Q, FVNDAN in exergue

Sear 204, Crawford 326/1, Albert 1131

Die estimation by Crawford: Obvers 57, Revers 71

Depicted is the triumph of Marius after his victory over the Kimbern, Ambrones and Teutons in the battle of Aquae Sextia (102 BC) and Vercellae (101 BC).

Marius standing in quadriga, the rider is his son. This is therefore the first roman coin with at living person on it.

ex Leu Numismatik, CH

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25 Jul 2019
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