Crawford 454/1 A. LICINIVS NERVA IIIVIR (A. Licinius Nerva) Denar

A. Licinius Nerva Denar

Rome, 47 BC

Avers: Fides with laurel wreath, in front FIDES, behind NERVA

Revers: Horsemen galloping right, holding bearded gallic warrior ( who holds shield in left hand
and sword in right  hand) at his scalp. ALICIN, III VIR

4,1 Gramm

Sear 430, Albert 1410, Crawford 454/1

Die estimation by Crawford: Obvers 66, Revers 73

ex. ROMA Numismatic Auction XVIII, Lot 933

obvers+revers die match from ROMA E-sale 67, Lot 759


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22 Oct 2019
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