Identify and estimate a collection

Each collector wishing to create a full inventory of his collection already faced identification and estimation. On this page, we will explain how such problematics are dealt with on our platform in order to fit your needs.

Identification of an object

It is often difficult to get an accurate and qualitative identification of a collectible. Although multiple reference books exist and several web articles or specialized databases that can help you, it occurs to all collectors to end up in a cul-de-sac.

In order to help you identify your collectibles, we have developed a system that will enable you to solicitate the assistance of CollecOnline's community. When you add an object to one of your collections, you can tag it as To identify.

In addition to helping you easily find your objects waiting for identification, if your collectibles is posted publicly it will be visible to our community in multiple ways:

  • Display of the amount of objects to be identified on your user profile
  • Filter “To identify” on the search page
  • A pictogram on your thumbnails

Your connections, or even anonymous collectors, will be able to help you by commenting on your collectible or writing you a private message.

Estimation of an object

Estimating the value of an object is even more delicate, as it depends on several elements. Rarity, state of conservation, age, demand and supply, sales channel… It is often difficult to estimate precisely a collectible, both for an expert or a novice.

However, it is important to keep this information in mind whether you want to sell it or not. Whether you wish to exchange your object, or face a life situation that requires you to provide precise inventory (fire, inheritance, marriage, divorce, burglary...), you will have to provide this information as precisely as possible.

In order to address this need, we have developed some features on CollecOnline.

Similarly to the To identify feature, you can tag your collectible as To estimate. If your object is published publicly, it will be easily spotted by the community who will be able to help you.

There is also an optional Estimate field on the private information of your item. As this information is sensitive, it will not be visible to the general public by default. However, you will have the possibility to activate the option Make the estimate public. This option can be particularly interesting for database projects aiming to create, for example, price index. It will also be interesting on an object To be exchanged in order to make public a price estimation that can be used as a basis for exchange.

The community needs you! Your knowledge is precious, don't hesitate to help fellow collectors in their search for identification and estimation.

You can also share your items on other social networks to ask for help from all your contacts!

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