Networks and Groups

CollecOnline is more than just a collection and art piece management service, it also allows you to manage and develop your network. You are able to create or participate in various groups, which we detail on this page below.

Expand your network

As on most social networks, you will be able to manage your connections on CollecOnline.

Adding a connection to your network will grant you access to other features. You can choose to share your objects with your connections only. You are not limited to only keep them private or public. Note that you can change the confidentiality of an object at any time.

Boost your group

Groups offer two main additional features, atop of private collection management on CollecOnline:

  • Co-management of a collection, enables several people to handle an inventory of objects.
  • Adjustable publication of your objects. You can choose exactly who will have access to the objects of the group, and independently of your network of connections.

The roles in a group:

  • Administrators: have all rights on the group (publication of articles in the blog, management of members, creation of objects...)
  • Contributors: creation of objects, access to private objects
  • Members: access to members-only publications
  • Followers: access to public objects and articles

Groups offer several levels of confidentiality settings depending on users' roles.

Why is it useful? Rather than a long demonstration, here are 3 groups we invite your to discover:

A group goes far beyond managing a collection. It can be created to run inventory and classification projects, census and index, alone or collaboratively.

For instance, the Gallic coinage database is managed by a 700 people Facebook group. You can also create a temporary group, for instance to prepare an exposition or an event.

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