Launch of CollecOnline Classic and Premium


In this articles, we are going to introduce you to the new features and services available with our Classic and Premium offers released on 1st July 2020.

Custom Watermark for your images, generation of Certificates of Anteriority for your valuable, storage of your images in High Definition… Each day, we work from your feedback and demands in order to build the ideal Art and Collection Management Solution together.


Our Offers: Free, Classic and Premium


All existing features remain free and available. If you are using CollecOnline since a while you might have gotten a bit worried reading the title of this article but there is no reason to be concerned since CollecOnline is still free to use and your collections accessible with no fees. The paying offers (Classic and Premium) are giving access to freshly released features and services.

Our goal has always been and will remain to promote the Collection in the broadest sense to as many people as possible by allowing collectors to inventory, exhibit and showcase their wonders in an online gallery accessible to all.

The functionalities that existed before will therefore remain globally free. For the few limitations put in place, we will apply a so-called "grandfather clause" in order to lift these limitations for the most faithful members to thank them for their trust and support. The Pioneer Badge is visible on your profile, we grant it to you as a thank you for your support over the past years. Paid offers therefore only concern new features that you can discover in more detail on our Subscription Page.

The purpose of these subscriptions is not to buy us a dream vacation in the Bahamas. We hope to break even on our expenses which are rising as the CollecOnline community grows, and also to be able to continue working full time on CollecOnline as we have been doing since the beginning of 2019.


Even More Features to Manage Your Collection!


After such teasing and suspens, it is now time to unveil the services and features available with our Classic and Premium offers.


Store Your Images in High Definition


Suscribe to CollecOnline Classic or Premium to store your images in original quality (up to 10Mo) watermark free. In the free version the images are compressed around 150 kb. These images are accessible in the private area of your objects.


Custom Watermark on Your Images


You might be used to see the © watermaker (copyright) affixed to your images. From now on, you have the possibility to choose the text, color, and position of the watermark or keep your image free of it.


Digital Safebox


This advanced features enables you to generate Certificates of Anteriority to secure your valuables. We use an innovative system that guarantees that our certificates are unalterable, tamper-proof, timeless and universal. Concretely, the various information of your object (images, description, invoice, certificate of authenticity) are gathered in an archive which is then sealed by a digital stamp.

This archive and the associated certificate allow you to guarantee that its content has not been modified over time. Our certificates enable you to support any declaration by providing temporal elements in various situations: claim, marriage, divorce, inheritance, tax declaration, counterfeiting...

Find more about the Certificates of Anteriority and their usages on our page Digital Safebox.


Editorial Support


Do you want to reach a large audience and publish articles on your personal blog? In our Premium package we propose to accompany you: Help with formatting, Advice on search engine optimization (SEO), Possibility to be published on our general blog for more visibility. With more than 2,000,000 unique visitors a month, CollecOnline is a reference for many thematics. We achieved to reach a large audience through continuous work and learning on web referencing over years, benefit from this visibility and expertise!


Your Collection in Catalogue


Our offers will give you access to two new types of catalogues in addition to the catalogue already accessible to everyone:






This catalogue presents all the public information of your objects and all its images.

This catalogue presents a simplified version of your object cards with their title, main image, categories and characteristics.

This catalogue presents a mosaic version of your object cards with their title and main image.



Data Import and Onboarding Assistance


For our Premium users, we offer online assistance to create your collections and object cards from an Excel file (or any other external source). 



Thanks !


We have put a lot of energy, thought and heart into making these new services available to you. We remain at your disposal to discuss them with you. To consult the details of these new features, we invite you to consult our Subscription Page.

In the meantime, we keep developing new features and services available for free on CollecOnline. You can discover the lastest release in this article.

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