324/1. Lucilia - denarius (101 BC)


AR Denarius (Rome 101 BC)

O/ Helmeted head of Roma left.; PV downwards behind; laurel-wreath as border.

R/ Victory in biga left; M LVCILI below; RVF above.

3.88g; 20.5mm

Crawford 324/1 (170 obverse dies/212 reverse dies)

- Artemide eLive Auction 10 (24/11/2019), lot 223.

Marcus Lucilius Rufus:

Rufus belonged to the minor plebeian gens Lucilia. Rufus' life is very obscure. He might have been the brother of a senator in 101 named Manius Lucilius, and the father of Marcus Lucilius Rufus, perhaps Tribune of the Plebs in 64. Crawford rejects a familial link with the famous poet Gaius Lucilius, who was from Campania.

The laurel-wreath may refer to the victories of Marius against the Cimbri and Teutons.

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