Starting price: 96 GBP
Estimate: 120 GBP
Result: 160 GBP
Lot 1426. ANCIENT COINS, ROMAN, Mint of Rome unless otherwise stated, Galeria Valeria (wife of Galerius), Æ Follis, minted at Thessalonica, struck AD 308-311, GAL VALERIA AVG , laureate, diademed and draped bust facing right, rev VENERI VICTRICI , Venus standing facing, head left, holding up an apple and raising her drapery, star on left, E on right, •SM•TS• in exergue, 6.43g, 12h (RIC 34; RCV 14592). Dark brown patina, about extremely fine. from the Evan Salholm collection ex Spink Numismatic Circular, May 1998, 2540 £120-160

AUCTIONS 90 & 91

LOT 1426

24 - 25 Sep 2014

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