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Micro Pratique - When the Internet helps you collect

N°281 - February 2020

"Instead of these generalist tools, one may prefer an online space specialized in the storage of its members' collections. The most advanced French-speaking solution is probably CollecOnline, a fairly flexible platform that can be adapted to all types of collections..."

Collectionneur & Chineur - Parole de Pro

N°289 - March 2019

"On CollecOnline, you can share photos, make an inventory of your items and exchange information with other collectors. Meet Loïc Schappacher, founder of this all-in-one solution!"

Collectiana - Fondation pour l'étude et le développement des collections d'art et de culture

May 2017

"As a Collection Help Site, CollecOnline operates both as a social network -allowing you to interact with other collectors, share objects...-, and as a management tool that you can use to sort, arrange, move, rename, search for collectibles..."

Monnaies & Détections - A website dedicated to passionate collectors

N°87 - April 2016

"This free, multi-collection site was designed by two enthusiasts. One of them being a numismatist, the site is particularly well adapted to the management of a coin collection..."

Cgb - A new collection management software to discover!

May 2015

" is a free online service that allows a user to manage his or her collection(s) with ease. If, for the moment, the majority of its users are numismatists, the site is multi-collection and open to all types of objects..."

L'est républicain - What if the Net changes the game?

April 2015

"Three years of work to come up with a tool for managing collections that is not only fit for coins or stamps but for all kinds of collections. A tree structure makes it possible to organize one's own collection. You photograph, you can enter personal data that remains hidden, such as the purchase price for example, and you choose to share what you want, as you can do on Facebook."
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