Digital safebox

1. The idea:

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Let's use the example of a situtation that I wish to no one but is unfortunatly not so unusual... Coming back from holidays, you find out that your house has been robbed... Your precious collection is not here anymore. Weeks go by, and your collectibles start apprearing on the market. There is another problem: your invoices and inventory were stored in your safe that has been stolen along with your collections, such as your computer that contains your inventory and purchase information.

Fortunately, you are using our digital safe service and have a certificate for each of your collectibles. We have saved all the information about your valuables (description, invoices, proof of authenticity, pictures…) in an archive that we sealed with a unique, unaltearable, timestamped digital certificate.

These credentials enable you to provide precise information to the relevant authorities, proove your ownership in case of restitution, and have a precise and incontestable estimation in case of compensation.

2. What is a certificate of anteriority?

The purpose of a certificate of anteriority is to serve as a proof of priority and ownership, usually to record details about copyrights, patents or art pieces. For instance, the Soleau enveloppe serves as proof of priority for patents in France, in order to precisely ascertain the date of an invention, idea or creation of a work.

Our digital safebox service enables you to create a certificate for each of your valuables, collectible or art piece.

3. Why is it useful?

Here are a few examples of situations in which you would need a precise inventory of your collection:

  • Prepare an estate: Inheriting a collection after the loss of a parent can swiftly turn into a hassle for the heir. Mourning time is not the easiest period to be preoccupied with administrative issues, but such problems can be legion when it comes to dealing with a collection built on decades. Descendants’ lack of knowledge, missing proof of purchase, difficulties to estimate the value, struggle and cost of finding a reliable expert… It will be a game changer for your heir to have a detailed and indisputable inventory of your collection.
  • Prevent counterfeiting: Every collector already encountered the “too good to be true” item. Counterfeiting techniques improve year on year and it can be tricky to tell the difference between real and fake, even for an experienced collector. Having a certificate for each of your collectibles would keep you safe from any future fakes, even of high quality. If a counterfeiter manages in 20 years from now to produce a fake of your extremely rare Napoleon III coin of 1 France, your valuable collectible would still be safe from any doubt thanks to its certificate of anteriority produced today.
  • File capital gain taxes: Many tax systems can apply to the sale of a collectible or an art piece. For instance, you may have to choose between a flat rate tax or a capital gain tax… In the second case, which is often the more profitable, it is essential to have in your possession as many purchase documents as possible in order to justify your capital gain.
  • Claim on your insurance: Your valuables might be insured, but it could get damaged in the event of a fire or a flooding and a long dispute about compensation would arise with your insurance. Having a precise inventory with time-stamped pictures of each valuable will help prove your good faith to your insurance company.
  • Prepare your marriage contract: When drawing up a marriage contract, providing a precise inventory of your collection is required. Depending on the type of contract, having certificates of anteriority can help you avoid conflicts when it comes to dividing property.
  • Anticipate a change of legislation: On July 8th, 2016, the German numismatic community is breathing a long sigh of relief. A controversial heritage preservation law directly affecting the art and collection market is enacted, but numismatics was able to escape this measure in extremis. This law regulates the purchase and sale of antiques and works of art in Germany, making it difficult to sell items when traceability elements are missing. We wish to put in place a traceability approach that keeps you safe from such change in legislation.

4. What does my certificate of anteriority consist of?

Your certificate of anteriority will be composed of a .zip archive that will contain:

A digital certificate consisting of the following information:

  • Your legal information
  • The unique identifier of your valuable
  • The unique fingerprint of your valuable's information
  • The timestamp
  • Its location on the blockchain

An archive containing information about your valuable:

  • Description
  • Photographs
  • Certificates, Invoices

5. How to verify my certificate of anteriority?

We have developed an online tool that will allow you to control your evidence:

It is important to understand that we use standard and international processes, which will allow you to check your certificate without having to go through us.

6. Can I check my certificate without CollecOnline?

The durability of your proofs of anteriority is at the heart of our concerns. Contrary to most of the other solutions, if one day CollecOnline were to disappear, our certificate would keep its value and still be available:

  • Our encryption protocol is universal
  • We use Ethereum's Blockchain technology, which is one of the most reliable in the world.

You have the possibility to check your certificate information without going through our services, by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Use an Ethereum transaction explorer (for example :, then fill in the transaction number indicated in your Pdf certificate..
  • Step 2: You can find your unique fingerprint on this explorer, and check that the date of the timestamp on your certificate is in line with the date on the blockchain (date in UTC format).
  • Step 3: For a deeper verification, you can also check that the fingerprint of this certificate matches the elements stored in your archive. The fingerprint is generated using the Sha256 cryptographic hash protocol. It creates an irreversible and unique fingerprint of the zip archive named in your certificate. There are many online sites that enable you to generate this fingerprint (for instance:

7. Why use Blockchain technology?

You may have heard of Bitcoin. Behind this means of payment hides a blockchain, a revolutionary technology that is in the process of changing our habits and many professions (banks, insurance companies, notaries...).

A blockchain is like a public, decentralized and secure accounting book. It makes possible to certify a transaction from one person to another in an indisputable, unalterable and universal way. This transaction, in addition to guaranteeing a transfer of value, enables you to store a digital footprint which will prove its anteriority thanks to its time stamping.

This footprint is publicly stored on the blockchain and provides proof of digital timestamping of your documents and objects. Under no circumstances will your private information be exposed on the blockchain, this print is composed of a series of indecipherable characters.

Concretely, thanks to the Blockchain you will be able to provide a bundle of elements that will help you to prove that you have indeed bought this one collectibles for 75 € on a flea market in Lille on 31 August 2019.

The main advantages of the blockchain compared to the current time-stamping possibilities are:


Its universality

Worldwide usage and recognition.


Its reliability

One of the most reliable systems in the world, if not THE one.


Its neutrality

It does not depend on a private third-part actor.


Its inalterability

Saved information are timeless and unalterable.

8. Details about our service:

  • By selecting a Standard or Premium subscription, you will have access to a signature pack.
  • This signature pack will be "recharged" each time you renew your subscription
  • You will be free to sign any item you want.
  • Once an item is signed, you can download a .zip archive containing the object's information and its certificate.
  • All requests for a certificate will be processed within 24 hours.
  • If an object record is modified, it can be signed again.
  • In case of termination of your subscription, your data will be kept for a minimum of 6 months to give you time to download your evidence (unless you explicitly request early deletion).
  • When deleting an object, the archives are kept for a period of 6 months (to allow you for to recover your archives, for instance in case of hacking of your account).
  • Our certification service is based on the Ethereum blockchain.

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