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Pioneer Award Sharing Award Archivist Award Scribe Award Exhibitor Award
Unique award given to the early adopters of CollecOnline.
Award give to members who developped their CollecOnline network.

Bronze: More than 5 relations
Silver:More than 25 relations
Gold: More than 50 relations
Award given to members who have set the most objects as Public visibility.

Bronze : More than 10 objects
Argent : More than 100 objects
Or : More than 1 000 objects
Award given to members who commented the most on objects and collections.

Bronze : More than 10 comments
Argent : More than 100 comments
Or : More than 200 comments
Award give to members who published the most articles on their CollecOnline Blog

Bronze : First Article
Argent : More than 10 Articles
Or : More than 25 Articles
Award given to members who received the most visits on their objects and collections.

Bronze : More than 1 000 visits
Argent : More than 10 000 visits
Or : More than 100 000 visits
Trophy awarded to members who have received the most Likes on their objects.

Bronze: 10 Likes received
Silver: 100 Likes received
Gold: 1 000 Likes received


Collectionneur de monnaies depuis une vingtaine d'années, j'ai commencé avec les monnaies Françaises modernes et ensuite je me suis intéressé aux monnaies Romaines, je collectionne aussi les monnaies avec des surfrappes publicitaires ou revendicatives et récemment je me suis intéressé au monnaies satiriques.

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